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We offered a customized package for corporates to encourage their employees to participate as volunteers or as relayers symptoms liver cancer meldonium 250 mg for sale. Furthermore, special packages for families were made to make it easy for them to join, while schools and universities student had a free entry. Program process: Press conference, to announce the date and venue of the event and explain to the media what is Relay For Life. Roadshow, to explain to the public what is Relay for Life and drive registration and donations. Teams and families participating have the chance to fundraise during the event by selling items or offering services for a donation. The most important lesson learnt was that people with no affiliation with cancer have seen the cancer survivors and how to be strong and never give up. Nzelu2 Mass Medical Mission, National Cancer Prevention Programme, Lagos, Nigeria; 2Mass Medical Mission, Lagos, Nigeria 1 Background and context: Mass medical mission is a nonprofit, public health charity aimed at complementing the effort of government in improving the health indices of Nigerians. The improvement in cervical cancer survivorship in Nigeria was proof positive that winning the fight against cancer was possible if the effort could be scaled up. Consequently, mass medical mission escalated its advocacy drive, which was tagged the Big War Against Cancer in Nigeria. A private sector led initiative to promote concerted and synergistic philanthropy for the common good through public-social-private partnership. The President of Nigeria is the grand patron while the Vice President, the National Patron. The fixed centers from which the PinkCruise operate have also been set up in four selected cities representing the four old regions of Nigeria. These mobile units are unique as they are multifunctional with state-of-the-art facilities for screening, follow-up and treatment (including mammography, endoscopy, colonoscopy, colposcopy, cryotherapy, laboratory, vaccination and surgeries for precancer and early cancer). Milla Saavedra Liga Contra el Cancer - Peru, Lima, Peru ґ ґ Amount collected: the campaign achieved that more than 10,000 young people joined "Juntos Sґ Liga", generating that the collection of cans in the street increased by 40% (from i S/1. Background and context: the League Against Cancer Peru plans and executes annually its "Public Collection", which allows to obtain funds to fulfill its mission to educate and prevent cancer in the most vulnerable areas of the country. Until 2017, the League Against Cancer - Peru, only had a limited group of volunteers who went out on the days of collection (80% adults and 20% young), and who collaborated sporadically. Thus, to achieve greater collection, it was necessary to increase the number of street volunteers.

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