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Instead thyroid nodules increasing in size levothroid 100 mcg buy generic on-line, it attempts to uncover differences between (1) highly educated, motivated, and relatively successful Japanese and German men and women and (2) a randomly selected "average" group of U. By and large, our attention is drawn to the studies that demonstrate the most 46 Chapter 2 Methodology of Cross-Cultural Research conspicuous, prominent, or salient differences. We then are prone to overgeneralize from these few outstanding examples to the group as a whole, the result of which is an inaccurate generalization. It was established that in Chinese romanticlove songs, topics of negative or pessimistic expectations are more prevalent than they are in U. Do these findings indicate that people in China are more pessimistic than those in the United States? To avoid making quick generalizations from research findings, we offer the following recommendations for critical evaluation of cross-cultural research data. If the study included only 50 subjects from two countries who answered several-question surveys regarding attitudes toward religion, it is not possible to make reliable conclusions about religious differences between the studied nations. When it could be demonstrated that the instrument, produced in one setting, was nonetheless applicable in many other settings, differences obtained with that instrument could be taken as reflections of some cultural variables. To make sure that the results of the study reflect a particular trend and are not due to chance alone, the researcher should repeat the same study to accept the data with confidence or find out about other similar studies. Are there any factors that could have affected the outcome that were not taken into consideration during the study? For instance, psychophysiological events are believed to be the same across cultures. In fact, they largely do not belong to the sphere of interest of cross-cultural researchers. As an example, studies on alcohol consumption and smoking (see Chapter 9) show the significance of physiological factors in crosscultural studies. Among them are individuals who are educated and those who are not, who are wealthy and poor, and who live in cities and small towns. In cross-cultural research, it is always useful to request additional information about the countries in which you do research. Furthermore, people may have either strong or weak psychological attachment to their cultural heritage, norms, customs, and values compared to other people who belong to the same group.

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Zuben, 51 years: According to researcher Li Yinhe, most gay men in China eventually choose to marry a woman.

Javier, 60 years: Species that prefer slowflowing currents, and either guard young or deposit eggs indiscriminately.

Kasim, 55 years: Studies have shown that transgender individuals have a significantly lower quality of life than the general population.

Agenak, 38 years: Women are better represented as discussion leaders than as speakers (Gordon Conferences).

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