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Roles and responsibilitiesof the clifferentactor-s tion and implemenitation of Bank-financed projects to and stakeholders in the sector have been recast in a becoming a permanent way of doing business for the signiticant way hiv infection cdc purchase famciclovir 250 mg with amex, causing the system of accountabilitiesto health sector in Benin. People appreciate the local control they now have over funds collected by the health facilities. No disbursemenitshad been made three years after effectiveness on this part of the loan (62 percent of the total) and no real prospects were tioreseeable for disbursing them. This project was intended to bring water and sewerage to some of the most congested and difficult slums in the world. The notorious favelaN-or shantytowns-of Rio were among the intended beneficiaries. My colleagues in the World Bank who prepared and appraised the original project beginning in 1986, were quite discouraged about its prospects. We told them, if they submitted proposals, it wouLd be possible to persuade Our mania-emilenlt that things were movilng on this loal. Setting the reservoir higher than the houses is much cheaper than pumping the water up to themi. The numiiberof users ancdthe volumes to be delivered determinle the size of the pipe. The engineering and community participation specialists indicated they were willing to give it a try. The original project wisely established simple and straightforward criteria for subproject funding. Some sixty-odd subprojects are now tinderway that account for 65 percent of the original project cost estimate. The water companies started the first starts with the design and then negotiates it with issuing bid solicitations. We knew that different people had different inter- Let me describe the latter approach, which was used in the pretations of participation.

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