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In males rheumatoid arthritis in dogs natural remedies cheap etodolac 300 mg amex, gonadotropin secretion is noncyclic; but in postpubertal females an orderly, sequential secretion of gonadotropins is necessary for the occurrence of menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation. In humans and many other mammals, the sex chromosomes are called X and Y chromosomes. As a consequence of meiosis during gametogenesis, each normal ovum contains a single X chromosome, but half the normal sperms contain an X chromosome and half contain a Y chromosome (Figure 23-1). Human cells are grown in tissue culture; treated with the drug colchicine, which arrests mitosis at the metaphase; exposed to a hypotonic solution that makes the chromosomes swell and disperse; and then "squashed" onto slides. Fluorescent and other staining techniques make it possible to identify the individual chromosomes and study them in detail (Figure 23-2). There are 46 chromosomes: in males, 22 pairs of autosomes plus an X chromosome and a Y chromosome; in females, 22 pairs of autosomes plus two X chromosomes. The individual chromosomes are usually arranged in an arbitrary pattern (karyotype). The individual autosome pairs are identified by the numbers 1-22 on the basis of their morphologic characteristics. The human Y chromosome is smaller than the X chromosome, and it has been hypothesized that sperms containing the Y chromosome are lighter and able to "swim" faster up the female genital tract, thus reaching the ovum more rapidly. This supposedly accounts for the fact that the number of males born is slightly greater than the number of females. Sex Chromatin Soon after cell division has started during embryonic development, one or the other of the two X chromosomes of the somatic cells in normal females becomes functionally inactive. In abnormal individuals with more than two X chromosomes, only one remains active. However, the details of the inactivation process are still incompletely understood.

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