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If it refers to a fact which could be heard blood pressure over 160 purchase 10 mg altace visa, it must be the evidence of a witness who says he heard it; 3. If it refers to a fact which could be perceived by any other sense or in any other manner, it must be the evidence of a witness who says he perceived it by that sense or in that manner; 4. If it refers to an opinion or the grounds on which that opinion is held, it must be the evidence of the person who holds that opinion on those grounds. In other words, oral evidence is direct evidence of a witness regarding what he had seen, heard or perceived. Oral evidence is more important and superior than documentary evidence because: 1. Circumstantial evidence: It is indirect type of evidence, which was obtained from the suspicious circumstances for example finding of blood stained shirt over body of accused, recovery of bullet shells at the spot of crime or recovery of weapon from the accused etc. Any person can testify as witness or give evidence in the court if the said witness is able to understand the nature of questions put to him or is able to give rational answers to the questions asked. Such difficulty may arise in witnesses who are of tender age (say for example boy of 6 years) or of extreme old age or affecting from any disease of body or mind. Expert opinion expressed in a treatise (for example opinion expressed by author in book) when the author is dead or cannot be found or is otherwise incapable of giving evidence. When the certificate or document is acceptable to the counsels (lawyer of accused) without cross-examination. Expert Common Witness · · Common witness is one who testifies or gives evidence to the facts observed or heard or perceived by him. Corroborative evidence Hearsay evidence: It is type of indirect evidence in which the witness has no personal knowledge about the facts but he has only heard what others had said regarding the matter. Examples are doctor, handwriting expert, fingers print expert, ballistic expert, and chemical analyzer. For example, if a doctor is giving evidence in relation to injuries, when he mentions size, shape or position of injury he is acting as common witness. When the doctor says that the injury is antemortem or postmortem, caused by such type of weapon etc.

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